Need for Speed II [Model SLUS-00276]

Sony PlayStation disc published 23 years ago by Electronic Arts

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Need for Speed II © 1997 Electronic Arts.

No matter what kind of car you drive, the allure of the ultimate car remains. Something better... faster... sexier. A dream machine. The problem is, only a handful of us will ever get to look at one of these supercars in person, let alone take it out for a spin Need for Speed II puts you behind the wheel of not one but eight supercars.

Utilising powerful 3-D technology, NFS II blazes new trails in authenticity, depth and unadulterated driving passion. This is one simulation that feels like the real thing. Except for the smell of new leather


Game ID: SLUS-00276


Released on March 31, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Need for Speed II [Model SLES-00658]"
[JP] "Over Drivin' II [Model SLPS-00895]"


Development Team
Lead Programmer: Laurent Ancessi
Senior Programmers: Brad Gour, Wei Shoong Teh
Programmers: David Lucas, Douglas A. Deardorff, Daniel Teh, Shelby Hubick, Gerry Rempel, Nenad Jankovic, Ryan Ho, Chuck Walters, Ned Wallace, Mike Kiernan, Ted Zuvich, David William Bullock, Gregory D'Esposito, Gordon Ludlow, Geoffrey Heller, Wes Potter
Senior Artists: Scott Jackson, Kent Maclagan
Track Creators: Peter King, Robert Sculnick, Kent Maclagan, Scott Jackson
Track Artists: Ken Thurston, Michael Vanaselja, Steve M. Suhy, Beau Folsom, Sheila Allan, Andy Fuller, Norie Miura, Casey O'Brien, Ian Gilliland, Salvatore Melluso, Stefan Schwartz, Gregg Haggman, Adam Myhill
Car Creators: Gordon Redmond, Kim S. Gill, Giovanni Sasso, Adam Myhill
Graphical Interface Art: Eduardo Agostini, Scott Jackson, Victor Von Beck, Shelley Armstrong
Dashboards and Special Effects: Simon Craghead
Lead Audio: Alistair Hirst
Music: Saki Kaskamanidis, Jeff van Dyck, Alistair Hirst
Additional Music: Robert Ridihalgh, Jay Weinland, Rom Di Prisco, Koko Productions, Traz Damji
Sound Design and Editing: Crispin Hands, Jennifer Lewis, Jay Weinland
Additional Sound Design: Steve Royea
Mix Engineer: Hiwatt Marshall, John McLean
Additional Musicians: Nathan Mesnard (Electric Guitar), Darren Sleno (Cymbals), Michael J. Sokyrka (Accordian), Robert Bailey (Acoustic Guitar), Chris Somerville (Didgeridoo), Angela van Dyck (Vocals)
Audio Programming: Robert Ridihalgh
Tools and Library Support: Frank Barchard, Andrew Brownsword, Gerry Shaw, Rick Friesen, David Mercier, Iain Macanulty, Shane Alfreds, Kurt Kennett, Tony Lam
Photography: Scott Jackson, Adam Myhill, Robert Sculnick
Video Technicians: Adam MacKay-Smith, Andy Teal
Voice Talent: James Conrad
Voice Scripts and Research: Gregg Giles, Richard Mul, Scott Blackwood
Development Director: Brett Bradstock
Sr. Development Director: Brian Wideen
Production Assistants: Serena Whitters, Xenia Mul
Assistant Producers: Scott Blackwood, Richard Mul, Adam MacKay-Smith
Associate Producers: Gregg Giles, Ivan Allan
Game Design: Scott Blackwood, Hanno Lemke
Producer: Hanno Lemke
Executive Producer: Sam Nelson

Localization Team
Associate Producers: Marcus Lindblom, Foster Hall

Product Manager (N. America): Peter Royea

Quality Assurance
QA Coordinator: Steve Livaja
QA Lead: Martin McQueen
QA Assistant Leads: Andrew Chan, Eric Bertram
QA Testers: Greg Williams, Richard Lambert, Bob Krunbauer, Jamey Brewster, Verne Siebert, Pete Pearson, Tim Dale, Derek LeClair, Greg Chan-Eather, Raphael DeLeon Eraña, Lorne Wilson, Matt Kernachan
Mastering: Peter Petkov, Cary Chao, Jeff Hutchinson
QA Tech: Bill Kim, D'Arcy Gog, Colin Cox, Paul Breland, Chris Wallace

Seattle QA
QA Manager: Sean O'Connor
QA Lead: Caesar Filori
QA Testers: Isaac Marshall, Janet Alexander, Wyeth O. Johnston
San Mateo QA: Michael Edison, Paul Niehaus, Roberto Gandolfi

Film Shoot
Producer: Howard Shaw
Director of Photography: Robert Edesa
Video Designer: Scott Jackson
Line Producer: Antonella Ibba-Hartog
Production Manager: Burgess Patterson
1st Assistant Director: Peter Gordon
1st Camera Assistant: Nick Infield
2nd Camera Assistants: Oona Menges, Ted Loncto
Gaffer: Robert McCarthy
Key Grip: Mark Stanley
Grip: David Hutton
Best Boy: David Canestro
Grip Assistant: David Weare
Editors: Thomas Raycove, William Morrison
Special Effects: David Laviolette
Sound Recordist: Alistair Hirst
Still Photographer (Italy): Diego Cassetta
Still Photographer (London): Des Jensen
Performance Drivers: Howard Davies (Jaguar XJ220), Franco Mazzon (Italdesign Calà), Maurizio Zagarella (McLaren F1), Alastair McQueen (Lotus Esprit V8), Chris Mennem (Lotus Esprit V8), Colin Martin (Lotus GT1)
Stunt Drivers: Justin Bell, Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Candida Watson
Production Assistants (Canada): Serena Whitters, Xenia Mul
Production Assistant (London): Adam Rudd
Production Assistant (Sardinia): Luca Pirodda
Assistant Producer (Canada): Linda McKinnon
Location Manager (Sardinia): Marco Cerina
Ferrari film by: Video Image

Special Thanks
Lotus Cars Ltd.: Dee Laws, Katie Dann, Jan Lammers, Steven Gregory
Jaguar Cars Ltd.: Howard Davies, John Maries
ITALDESIGN S.p.A.: Fabrizio Giugiaro, Valentina Kalk
McLaren Cars Ltd.: David L. Clark, Paula Webb
Ford Motor Company: JoAnne McKenzie, Gerald St. Pierre, Dave Velliky, Fred Goodnow
ISDERA: Eberhard Schulz, Anthony Garcia, Brian Ward, Michael de Plater, Rob Tracz


Game's CD.