Nebula [Model DT-106]

DECO cass. published 41 years ago by Data East

Nebula [Model DT-106] screenshot

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Nebula © 1980 Data East Corp.

This game is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up where the player controls a ship that has to shoot down alien ships. The enemies are Rava, Canda, Munda, Naga, Garda, and each one is worth a different amount of points. The first to appear are Rava, Canda, and Munda. They eventually break their formation & begin to attack. Naga & Garda eventually show up to join them. Canda & Munda start spinning wildly after the player shoots them once. Extra points are awarded for shooting them again & destroy them.

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Runs on the "DECO Cassette System" hardware

Model DT-106


Nebula was released in December 1980 in the Japanese arcades. It was known as the sixth video game made for this system (Cassette no. 06).