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NCAA Football 98 [Model SLUS-00514]

Sony PlayStation game published 22 years ago by Electronic Arts

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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NCAA Football 98 © 1997 Electronic Arts.

NNCAA Football 98 includes all 112 teams from the ten different Division I-A conferences of back in the days. It has 20 all-time historic games, with 40 of the greatest college football teams ever to step onto the gridiron. It is therefore possible to recreate such memorable games as the historic 1987 Fiesta Bowl that featured the great 1986 teams from Penn State and Miami. Accurate position rankings and skill levels for each school enhance the game's realism.


Game ID: SLUS-00514


Released on August 05, 1997 in the USA.


Development - Tiburon Entertainment, Inc.
Lead Programmer: Richard J. Wifall
Programmer: Jide Omisore, Todd Zadow
Cinematics: Donnie Worley
Player Animations: Eric Kohler, Steven Waller
Senior Artist: Joe Vance
Artist: Don Barnes, Holly Ruark-Mesick
Stadiums: Eric Remboldt, Sergio Vanelli
Team Art: Eric Remboldt, Christian Holmes, Jorge Rosado
Audio: Darryl S. Duncan
Additional Programming: Dave Swanson, Ian Schmidt, Brett Davis, Matt Reilly, Jason G. Andersen, James Brookes, Tim Smolen
Tool Programmer: Michael Weilbacher
3D Backgrounds: Jim Spoto
User Interface: David Mathieu
Interface Design: Gordon Chen
Additional Artwork: Dan Stubbs
Development Manager: Dale Jackson
Development Director: Stephen Theodore Chiang
Executive Development Director: John Schappert

Production - Electronic Arts
Executive Producer: Rob Martyn
Co-Producers: Ken Balthaser Jr., Mitzi S. McGilvray
Design / Script: Jeremy Strauser, John D. Boerio, Dan Baker, A. Marsh Gardiner
Associate Producer: John D. Boerio
Assistant Producer: Jeremy Strauser
Play-Book Implementation: Dan Baker, Mike Olsen
Lead Tester: Mike Olsen
Testing: Rudy Ellis, Dan Wasson, Joe Adams, Phil Frazier, Jeffrey Luhr, Michael Craft
Design Contributions: Randy Beverly
Technical Director: Ken Zarifes
Motion Capture Analyst: Testarossa
Strategy: Terry Donahue (Former UCLA Head Coach)
Specialized Audio: Mike Pendowski Music
Rosters and Ratings: Sports Xchange
PA Announcer: Chuck White (Rose Bowl PA Announcer)
Referee: Bill McCabe (Wac Referee)
Audio Capture & Splicing: David Whittaker
Documentation: Paul Armatta
Director of Marketing: Chip Lange
Marketing Manager: H. Erik Whiteford
Public Relations: Charles Scibetta
Legal Assistance: Jim Kennedy, Sheri Sarkis, Stephen G. Bene, Siobhan Grady, Sue Garfield
Special Thanks: Greg Zesinger, Murray Allen, Pam Seawell, Kathleen Tarnutzer, Jenise Sturken, Jean Michno, Ted Fitzgerald, Matt McKnight, John Patrick Strauser, Sam Ghnaim, Jennifer Blackmon (CLC), Charlie Cooper (CLC), Pat Battle (CLC), Suzanne Brewer (CLC), Wilson Sporting Goods
Video Assistance: Jon Vaden, Host International
Audio Assistance: Pop Studios, Music Annex, Chicago Recording Company
Executive in Charge of Production: Scott Orr

Game's CD.