Nascom 2

A 39-year-old Computer by Nascom Microcomputers

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Nascom 2 © 1979 Nascom Microcomputers.

The Nascom 2 was a single-board computer kit issued in 1979 based on the Zilog Z80 and including a keyboard and video interface, a serial port that could be used to store data on a tape cassette using the Kansas City standard, and two 8-bit parallel ports.


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Introduced in December 1979.

At this time, including a full keyboard and video display interface was uncommon, as most microcomputer kits were then delivered with only a hexadecimal keypad and seven-segment display. To minimize cost, the buyer had to assemble a Nascom by hand-soldering about 3,000 joints on the single circuit board.

Machine's bios.