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[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

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This game was a tie-in with the Just Say No campaign which encourage youths to avoid the use of Drugs. Ironically, despite NARC's anti-drug theme being portrayed like in the arcade game, the game's message on the Narcmobile's license plate was altered from "Say no or die" (which was intended to scare players straight) to "Just Say No".

This game has several details of censorship which differ from the arcade game:

• The enemy group in the arcade game is known as K.R.A.K., but due to Nintendo's censorship policies, the enemy group was renamed K.W.A.K.

• In the start of Stage 3, the arcade's profile of Joe Rockhead is that of "a PCP addict". In the NES version however, Joe's been profiled as simply "an addict".

• In the arcade game, there was slightly visible bloodshed when a player got shot, and when some enemies (particularly the Das Lof gang) are destroyed with the rocket bombs, pieces of them are shown. In the NES version though, the violence has been censored, but the mild gore was reduced in intensity.

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