Namco Museum Vol.2

Export Sony PSP UMD published 16 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Namco Museum © 2007 Namco, Limited.

Compilation of 11 arcade classics from Namco :
- "King & Balloon" (1980)
- "Bosconian" (1981)
- "Xevious" (1982)
- "Mappy" (1983)
- "Dragon Buster" (1984)
- "Grobda" (1984)
- "The Tower of Druaga" (1984)
- "Dig Dug II" (1985)
- "Motos" (1985)
- "Rolling Thunder" (1986)
- "Dragon Spirit" (1987)

This compilation also introduces 2 brand new 'Arrangement' updates :
- "Motos Arrangement"
- "Pac-Man Arrangement Plus"

NOTE: These are not the same 'Arrangement' updates featured in either volume of the arcade "Namco Classics Collection". To date, these two titles have never appeared outside Japan and Asia on any platform.


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Namco Museum Vol.2 for Sony PSP was released on November 8, 2007 in South Korea.

This is the second volume released for the PSP in South Korea, featuring the ten games added to the first volume's lineup in the Western release ("Namco Museum Battle Collection"), plus three more.