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List of songs playables on this page:

01 neo geo logo.vgz02 theme of nam (title demo).vgz03 sub theme (select).vgz04 blood mission (introduction).vgz05 prologue of soldiers (area 1).vgz06 shootout (area 1 boss).vgz07 hammer head (human boss).vgz08 interim report (intermission).vgz09 street battle (area 2).vgz10 departure!! (area 3, demo).vgz11 aerial combat (area 3).vgz12 bombardment aircraft (demo).vgz13 airfield (area 4).vgz14 mechanical wars (mechanical boss).vgz15 military arsenal (area 5).vgz16 shivering (command nancy, demo).vgz17 raid (assault area, demo 1).vgz18 raid (assault area, demo 2).vgz19 raid (assault area).vgz20 night war (area 6).vgz21 laser weapon (ultimate weapon).vgz22 good luck (victorious ending).vgz23 sight in the memory -epilogue of soldiers- (staff credit).vgz24 game over.vgz25 street battle (area 2) - without intro.vgz26 bombardment aircraft (demo) - without intro.vgz27 mechanical wars (mechanical boss) - without intro.vgz28 laser weapon (ultimate weapon) - without intro.vgz