Music Maker [Model 4003]

The Astrocade Game by Carson Soft.

Music Maker [Model 4003] screenshot

Emulated in MAME !


[CONSOLE] Astrocade Game

Music Maker © 1985 Carson Software [Dave Carson]


Game ID: 4003


AKA Music Maker 1, Music Composer. Started by Bally before 1979 as two
cartridges but never released. When Astrocade came on, development went into a
2000 baud tape interface. A prototype was sent to George Moses with a keypad
overlay and instructions. In 1985 Leroy Flamm engineered circuit boards that
supported the tape interface. This cartridge never saw an official release.
Only 32 working units (with the built-in interface) were made. Mike White
retyped the instructions that appeared. Very few were then sold by Mike White or ABC Hobbycraft.


Written by: Scot L. Norris

Game's ROM.

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