MushiKing - The King of Beetle 2K3 2nd [Model 840-0150C]

A 15-year-old Sega NAOMI Cart. by SEGA Enterprises

MushiKing - The King of Beetle 2K3 2nd [Model 840-0150C] screenshot

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甲虫王者 ムシキング 2K3 2nd © 2003 Sega.

(MushiKing - The King of Beetle 2K3 2nd)

A combination of vending and video game. Mushi King sells starter kits which including 18 beetle fighters and 18 skill cards.

Kids can use these kids to play against friends or the computer. The machine can also vend more cards to boost the players deck.

The Mushi King machine is the first machine of this type and operators will in the future be given low cost upgrade to change the cabinet into a different game.

The rules of game are based around that of Paper Scissors Stone. New cards and rare cards will become available at regular intervals.


MushiKing - The King of Beetle 2K3 2nd [Model 840-0150C] the Sega NAOMI Cart.
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Cartridge ID: 840-0150C
Runs on the Sega "NAOMI" hardware.

Players : 2
Control : No Control: built-in card reader
Buttons : 3
=> [Scissors] Pinch, [Stone] Hit, [Paper] Throw.


Combining card trading and collecting, which is a massively popular pastime amongst the target age group, with a video game and vending machine Mushiking represents a whole new direction for the card collecting phenomenon. It is also great value for money for players and has long term appeal.

The Mushiking game is the first title is what will be a long series of games for the very low cost upgradeable cabinet. The concept is a simple one based around the age old game of 'Paper - Scissors - Stone'. Mushiking in particular is a game where Beetles battle each other out.

Each time a player plays they get a new card to add to their collection - either a Beetle or Skill card. From their card collection they choose the best Beetle to battle against their friend or computer. By matching the best skills to their Beetle they can maximise their chances of winning.

The initial set of 18 Beetle and 18 Skill cards will be updated with new releases at timed intervals; in Japan there are already 250 cards to collect. This will maintain player interest and boost income levels when kids realise new card are available. Rare and special cards will also be inserted into circulation. The cards are also very educational with facts about all the beetles on each card; this aspect was well received during market research and focus group activity conducted with kids and parents on Sega's behalf.

The spread of any new craze is often word of mouth and Sega believe 'pester power' will soon kick into play when the machines start to appear after their November release. Justin Burke expanded on this philosophy - "Kids will see these cards in the playground and find out where the machines are, they will then pester parents to go there to shop. Soon it could become a unique selling point for retailers and build with customer loyalty. The market size for the age group is six million with a spending power of ?1.5billion,so it is clearly a huge market we are tapping into".

In Japan during the past year Sega has delivered 2,500 machines to the domestic market and already 40 million player cards are in circulation. The craze there is clearly massive with some retail stores having up to 10 Mushiking's to cope with the demand. Mushiking merchandise is available and a Mushiking museum has already been set up. Following on from some underground trains being decorated with the Mushiking brand it is reported that Japan Airlines is in talks to have a fleet of liveried with the Mushiking image.


Beetle Cards 001 - 018 were introduced
Skill Cards 001 - 018 were introduced

Limited edition design
Introduction of the "Parallel Collection", mirrored pictures of beetles were used for this Parallel Collection set

Card design are the same from the Version 1
Card backs have a background instead of a plain, black-colored background
Beetle Cards 019 - 024 are released
Parallel Collection design featured mirrored and wireframed pictures of beetles

Card design format changed
New (rare) skill cards are introduced
Parallel Collection design featured the beetle's reflected image on the wireframed ground

Card design is based from Version 4
Beetle cards 025 - 030 are released
Skill cards 019 - 022 are released
More like an "expansion" for Version 4


1. MushiKing - The King of Beetle (2003)
2. MushiKing II (2004)
3. MushiKing III (2005)
4. MushiKing III+ (2005)
5. MushiKing IV (2006)
6. MushiKing V (2007)
7. MushiKing VI (2008)
8. MushiKing VII (2009)



Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2005, "Kouchuu Ouja Mushi King")

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