Ms. Pac-Man

A 27-year-old Sega Genesis Game by Tengen, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Ms. Pac-Man © 1991 Tengen, Incorporated.

This port of the 1981 arcade classic features 36 different mazes, including the original four, and allows two players to play simultaneously.


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This port allows two players can play either alternately or simultaneously. If they choose to play simultaneously, they can choose to play either competitively of cooperatively, and Player 2 plays as the original Pac-Man.

The 36 mazes are divided into four sets : the original four mazes from the arcade version, as well as smaller mazes, bigger mazes, and "strange" mazes.

A "Pac-Booster" allows the players to move faster.

The game ends at Level 32, after which a cutscene not featured in the original arcade game plays, in which the Pac couple wave good-bye to the player(s), and then disappear into the distance.
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