Ms. Candyman

Bally Astrocade cart. published 38 years ago by L&M Soft.

Ms. Candyman screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Ms. Candyman © 1983 L&M Software

Sequel to Candyman.

Real arcade action with joysticks. 1 or 2 players and 3 levels of difficulty. More than 20 screens, each faster than the one before. Full screen display in exquisite detail. Ms. Candyman must pick up all of the life savers as quickly as possible while avoiding contact with the ghosts and goblins. During the first half of the screen the ghosts or goblins will try to catch you. During the second half of a screen the ghosts or goblins will take up protective positions to keep you away from the life savers. Each contact costs Ms. Candyman 1 life and she will nose-dive first off the bottom of the playfield. A wrecker or ambulance will carry her off.




Written by: Andy Guevara


Game's ROM.