Mouse Trap [Model 2459]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Coleco Industries, Inc.

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Mouse Trap © 1982 Coleco Industries, Incorporated.

Here's your home version of the fun-filled Exidy arcade game! MOUSE TRAP for Atari features a cheese-chomping mouse that you dash around a dangerous maze. Open and shut maze doors to escape the pursuing cats. Eat a bone, then turn your mouse into a cat-biting dog for a few moments. Gather points by eating the cheeses that line the paths of the maze. Devour them all and move on to even harder action!


Model 2459


Eat a cheese: 1 point.
Bite a cat: 10 points.
Clear a maze: 100 points.

Each time your score reaches a multiple of 500, you'll earn a bonus mouse.


Programmers: Sylvia Day, Henry Will IV

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