MotoRodeo [Model CX26171]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 28 years ago by Atari

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MotoRodeo © 1990 Atari Corporation.

You're second in the grueling competition of an all-day MotoRodeo. Your customized truck, a cherry little number, speeds through the dangerous obstacle course. You quickly break through a brick wall, rumble through a muddy ditch, and jump high into the air. You grin widely as you land on a Plymouth, crushing it beneath the weight of your monster truck.

Up till now, you and your opponent, Trucker Tom, have been neck and neck throughout the competition, but you've just pulled ahead. Your truck paid its dues during the early part of the competition, but you're confident that you've got the skills needed to outmaneuver Tom as you race for the finish line.

Your adrenalin pounds. You psych yourself up for the few remaining obstacles. You're only slightly ahead of Tom, but there are still a few more walls and cars to crush. Good thing you learned quickly to jump the mud which is slowing Tom down.

You rev your engine, add a burst of acceleration, and jump the last mud hole as you race for the finish line. Trucker Tom has finally met his match!


Model CX26171


Landing upright and flat from a jump: 5 Points.
Each time you hit a wall: 10 Points.
Each time you crush a car: 20 Points.
Bouncing on trucks tires on the platform: 25 Points.
Jumping to a collapsing ramp: 25 Points.
Touching 50 on the screen: 50 Points.
Finishing the track first: 100 Points.


Do a wheelie when you hit an obstacle. You will fly a little higher and further.

Only use nitro when you are on the ground and in an upright position.

Wriggle the controller left and right to get out of the mud faster.


Programmer: Steve DeFrisco


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