Motoroader MC [Model NSCD2015]

A 26-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by NCS

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Motoroader MC © 1992 NCS

Motoroader MC is a racing game by NCS and is the third episode of the Motoroader series. Up to five players can race each other on twenty five tracks (five courses of five tracks each) as they vie for the first place. Unlike other games of the series, each track is basically constructed of a single static screen and is reminiscent of the arcade classic Super Sprint. Each race is made out of eight laps where anything goes ! Cars are invincible and can fire an unlimited amount of rockets and bombs which, consequently, leads the gameplay more towards speed and attack. All the racing tracks display a showcase of exquisite themes - from classic City and Nature scapes to more elaborate designs such as the fantasy Marchen or the unique Special courses. Road hazards also spice up the game and make each play session unique - from classic pits, speed boosters to shortcuts and disorienting teleporters.


Game ID: NSCD2015


Released on December 18, 1992 in Japan for 7200 Yen.

Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;