Moto Roader [Model NCS89002]

A 29-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by NCS

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Moto Roader © 1989 NCS Corp.

Moto Roader is a multi-player futuristic overhead racing game by Masaya where up to five cars (thus five players) can race at once. One of the great originality of the game is the sort of warping system that shoots slow cars back to the front of the race. This may sounds unusually weird at first but it adds a lot to the racing experience, especially during frantic five players races. Cars are nevertheless warped at a price and this feature will slowly consume gas. Cars can also be upgraded between each race. Players get awarded money in function of their final placement and shops allow them to improve various parts of their cars such as engine, brakes, body and also purchase power-ups like bombs, warps, jumps etc... As mentioned at the beginning of this test, Moto Roader is one of the few games (with the excellent Bomberman) to feature an up to five simultaneous players gameplay.


HuCARD Size: 2 Mbits.


Released on February 23, 1989 in Japan for 5200 Yen.

A Hidden text is found-able in the Japanese ROM (at 10A):
Kono GAME wo oaiage itadaki makotoni arigatou gozaimasu.
tanosinde itadakemasitaka?
sikasi kono messe-ge wo yondeiru anataha ittai douiu hito?
mosi yorosikereba watasini TEL kudasai
NCS 03-486-6588 (SUZUKI made)
soreka pasokon tsuusinn mo yattemasunode soremo yorosikune
NCS NET 03-499-5996 pm7:00 kara am8:00 made

Here is the translation:
Thank you very much for purchasing this game.
Did you enjoy it?
But who are you, to be able to read this message?
If you don't mind, please give me a call.
NCS 03-486-6588 (Ask for Suzuki)
Or, I also use a computer connection, so you can contact me there, too.
NCS NET 03-499-5996 7:00pm to 8:00am
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