Moto Racer [Model SLES-00469]

Export Sony PlayStation disc published 23 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Moto Racer © 1997 Electronic Arts.

Calling all speed freaks! It's fast, it's dangerous and it's definitley legal! Moto Racer is a fast-paced, thrill-packed motorbike racing game which offers players the challenges of racing Motor Cross, or Speed bikes. There are nine different tracks which will have the rider screeching around the tarmac, skidding on the dirt, sliding in the snow, fishtailing in the sand and splashing across water! There are three different gameplay modes: Practice, Single Race and Championship Graphically, Moto Racer offers texture mapping and real time lighting in 32,000 colours which all combine to create an aesthetically pleasing gameplaying environment. There is also a split screen option for multi-playability


Game ID: SLES-00469


Released on Nov 03, 1997 on the USA.

Export releases:
[US] "Moto Racer [Model SLUS-00498]"
[JP] "Moto Racer [Model SLPS-01163]"


Created, designed and directed by: Paul Cuisset
Project Manager: Philippe Chastel
Art Directors: Denis Mercier, Thierry Perreau
Project Coordinator: Thierry Gaerthner
Music and SFX by: Raphaël Gesqua

DSI Staff
PlayStation Programming: Benoist Aron, Patrick Bricout, Arnaud Carré, Nicolas Perret, David Rochedieu, Fabrice Rodet
Game System: Philippe Chastel, Paul Cuisset, Alain Ramond, Fabrice Rodet, Alain Tinarrage
Tools Programming: Arnaud Carré, Philippe Chastel, Paul Cuisset
Track Design - Speed Bay: Anne Fossa, Laurent Franchet, Hervé Gaerthner
Track Design - Dirt Arena: Thierry Bansront, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Michel, Christelle Noblet
Track Design - Rock Forrest: Laurent Franchet
Track Design - Great Wall: Grégory Béal, Anne Fossa
Track Design - West Way: Denis Mercier
Track Design - Lost Ruins: Frédéric Michel
Track Design - Fun Fair: Laurent Franchet, Hervé Gaerthner
Track Design - Sea of Sand: Stéphane Aussel, Anne Fossa, Hervé Gaerthner, Frédéric Michel, Thierry Perreau
Track Design - Red City: Stéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront
Track Design - Snow Ride: Anne Fossa, Frédéric Michel, Christelle Noblet
2d Artwork: Grégory Béal, Anne Fossa, Laurent Franchet, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek, Béatrice Laurent, Denis Mercier, Christelle Noblet, Thierry Perreau
3d Animators: Stéphane Aussel, Hervé Gaerthner, Yan Le Gall, Denis Mercier
Additional 3d Artwork: Thierry Bansront, Anne Fossa, Hervé Gaerthner, Yan Le Gall, Denis Mercier
Voice Talent: Christian Erickson
Music mixed by: Marc Minier
Saxophone: Bruno Ribera
Guitar: Jean-François Mignot
Music recorded at: Delphine Studio - Paris
Packaging Design: Denis Mercier, Thierry Perreau
QA testers: Christophe Brusseaux, Frédéric Pierrat
International Relations: Marie-Pierre Meyrignac

Electronic Arts Europe Staff
Euro Product Manager: Clive Downie
PR Managers: Oscar del Moral, Karine Dognin, Simi Belo, Nicolas Nordlander, Simone Stoessel
Advertising Creative: John Bowden
Packaging Direction: Edward Du Bois, Colin Dodson
Language Testing Supervisor: Simon Davison
Licensing Liason: Steve Fitton