Moto Champ

A 45-year-old Coin-op Misc. Game by SEGA Enterprises

Not emulated in MAME


Moto Champ © 1973 Sega.

The player is at the controls of a motorcycle sreaking down a highway with 4 other motorcycles that are being driven electronically in erratic pattern.

The objective of the game calls for the player to negociate his motorcycle past the others and reach the finish line before they do. If he is able to do so successfully, he earns an extended game.

When he bumps or hits another motorcycle, a penalty registers on the scoreboard located in the front glass. Each penalty reduces the player's chances to win. In order to stay clear of the others, which is difficult to do, the player must be ever alert because there is constant maneuvering of speed and direction by all cyclists.
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Moto Champ the Coin-op Misc. Game
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Timer is operator adjustable from 50 to 80 seconds.

Height: 61 in.
Width: 28 in.
Length': 52 in.

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