Monty no Doki Doki Dai Dassou [Model JFD-MDD]

A 31-year-old Nintendo Famicom Disk. by Jaleco

Monty no Doki Doki Dai Dassou [Model JFD-MDD] screenshot

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???????????? © 1987 Jaleco Company, Limited.

(Monty no Doki Doki Dai Dassou)

Monty no Doki Doki Daidassou (aka Monty on the Run) is a multi-screen action/platform game by Jaleco and licensed by Gremlin Graphics. Monty, the hero of the game, has escaped from jail and he is now on the run. The player is given the challenging task to help him to escape. But before jumping into action, Monty needs to pick up two items to help him in his quest for freedom. First, he needs to pick a weapon from a list of five (bow, gun, Morningstar, knife, boomerang, hand grenade) and a secondary item (such as a bomb, an armor or a car). Some of those objects may end up being useful, others just a waste and only experience will tell Monty which ones to take, or discard. Once fully equipped, Monty gets on his feet and starts off his journey outside, in a forest. He will soon reach an Egyptian pyramid, climb down a long ladder and explore the underground building. Stages are vast, full of hazards, enemies, and also new items to collect. Other features are also scattered around the game, like transporters and lifts.




Monty on the Run for FCD was released on July 31, 1987 in Japan for 3200 Yen.

The official game identidy 'JFD-MDD' is short for 'JALECO FAMICOM DISK - MONTY DOKI DOKI'.

Monty On The Run was originally released in 1985 by the British company Gremlin Graphics and came out for the ZX-Spectrum, Commodore C64, and Amstrad CPC.

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