Monster Mush

A 18-year-old Coin-op Redemption Game by R3 Interactive

Monster Mush screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Monster Mush © 2000 R3 Interactive.

Monster Mush is a spooky new video redemption game available in kit form. The game features 4 monster babies who are attempting to create a Boogie Monster. To do this they need to fill the Monster Mush Vats right to the top. To stop this from happening Stanley has to empty the vats by pulling the levers. As soon as one of the vats fills to the top the game is over, but the fun keeps going as the player can watch the Boogie Monster emerge.

Monster Mush features a fun attract movie, fantastic graphics, and is a great family game for any location.

Just by changing the Dip Switch Settings, the kit will install into any high, medium or low resolution cabinet. The game is Ticket enabled with a comprehensive Operators Setup Menu System, allowing the Operator to custom setup the machine to suit any location.


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