Money Belt

Slot Machine published 15 years ago by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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Money Belt © 2004 WMS Gaming.

Players will want to buy a bigger money belt after playing this game. It uses a 2 or 3-coin pay table with a bonus 4th reel. Some of the symbols on the 3 main reels even look like they are on money.

The Money Bonus is featured on the 4th reel : The bonus reel is made up of multiplier zones. The zones take the space of 2 symbols including the blank space above and below so it visually looks bigger than normal symbols. If a win combination occurs on the main 3 reels and if any symbol within the win combination is a money symbol then the 4th reel spins. The reel comes to a stop and if any part of a zone touches the payline the win is multiplied by the zones multiplier amount.
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Released in July 2004.


Reel symbols by: Shawn Smith

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