Model 2

Arcade System published 26 years ago by
SEGA Enterprises

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Model 2 © 1993 Sega Enterprises, Ltd.


Main CPU : Intel i960-KB @ 25 MHz 32bits RISC
Graphics Co-Processor : Fujitsu TGP MB86234 FPU 32bits 16M flops
Co-Processor Abilities : Floating decimal point operation function, Axis rotation operation function, 3D matrix operation function
Sound CPU : 16bits 68000 @ 10Mhz
Sound chip : 2 x Custom 28 channel PCM chips, 1 for Music and 1 for Effects (Can access up to 8meg sample rom *per chip*)
Sound Timing Chip : YM3834 @ 8MHz (only used for its timers)
Audio RAM : 540 Kilobytes (4 megabits)
Video resolution : 496x384 in 65536 colors
Geometry : 300,000 polygons/s. 900,000 vectors/s
Rendering : 1,200,000 pixels/s
Video : Shading Flat Shading, Perspective Texture, Micro Texture, Multi Window, Diffuse Reflection, Specula Reflection.


Sega had always envisioned their 3D system to be textured, never just flat shaded 3D, so with this in mind they kept their relation going with GEA (now known as Martin Marietta after being bought by them in 1993) and worked with SEGA to upgrade the Model 1 graphics, including the new texture mapping features among other effects.