Missile Command VR

V.R. game (non-coin) published 28 years ago by Virtuality

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Missile Command VR © 1994 Virtuality.

This old favorite Atari arcade classic is back from the seventies - only this time in complete immersive Virtual Reality taking it to new levels of excitement, strategy and interactive fun. It's the end of the world as we know it. The planet is about to be invaded and only you can save it. An alien mothership has arrived and is orbiting the planet. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to protect five cities. You're Missile Command - so train your gun on the impending attack waves and blitz them!
In your armory you have unlimited laser power and a limited number of guided missiles - however, with skill and accuracy you can improve this by winning bonuses. There are three levels to get through and to complete a level you'll have to destroy all the attack waves. At the end of each level there's a big boss to demolish too! The aliens' arsenal is huge, single, multiple and homing missiles all aimed at you and your cities plus bombers and ships all determined to devastate the cities. It takes just four hits to destroy a city, loose all five cities and you're finished!

In the first level you're in the ground base defending your cities amongst mountainous terrain, look out for the giant killer wasp - with a nasty sting in it's tail. Get through this and you're onto the second level - sky base, protecting floating cities above the cloud base. Your final adversary in this level is an evil fire-breathing dragon determined to fireball you and your cities. The final battle takes place in outer space and you'll meet the deadliest opponent yet, a manic robot that fires missiles and stomps on anything in it's path! So what are you waiting for? Your planet needs you, all hands to the guns.


SU2000 Hardware

Type of interface : Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture : Stand-up
Motion of the platform : No
Controls : 3-D joystick (with tracking)
Computer platform : 486 PC
Type of display : Virtuality Visette 2
Tracking : Polhemus Insidetrack
Size of the Unit : 4 x 4 H 50 inches
Unit Description : Stand Alone POD.

Virtuality Visette 2 visor specifications :
High impact polymer construction
Shock absorbing tough design
Weight : 645 grams/1.4 lbs
Size : Width=215mm/8,4ins; Height=95mm/3,7ins; Min depth=295mm/11,6ins; Max depth=345mm/13,5ins
Hygienic closed cell replaceable comfort pads
Inter-Pupillary adjustment : 58mm/2.2ins to 70mm/2.7ins
Field of view per eye : Horizontal=60° Vertical=46.87°
-Visual resolution : 756x244 pixels

Graphical Information:
Texture mapping capability : Yes
Number of polygon per second : 30,000 texture map p/s f:20-25 f/s
Number of Max. Moving objects : 512
Other Graphical Info : support Gouraud Shading, Texture Mapping, Flat Shading.

Sound :
Type of Sound : 8MB 16 Bit sample. (Stereo)
Music Background : Yes (CDs)

Network Information :
Max. Number of units networked locally : 8
Max. Number of units networked remotely : No (in the future ISDN)

Other Technical Description :
Mic Net connection between players

This game was also released on the SD2000 hardware.


'Cybermind UK' purchased the intellectual property of 'Virtuality' in 1997 as part of a bankruptcy settlement. On Mach 2004 'Arcadian Virtual Reality L.L.C.' acquired the assets of Cybermind UK's virtual reality business.


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Official website: http://www.arcadianvr.com/SU_2000_SOFTWARE_MISSLE_COMMAND.htm