Missile Command [Model CX2638]

Atari 2600 cart. published 42 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Missile Command [Model CX2638] screenshot

Missile Command © 1981 Atari, Incorporated.

Aliens from the planet of Krytol have begun an attack on the planet Zardon. The Krytolians are warriors out to destroy and seize the planet of Zardon. Zardon is the last of the peaceful planets. The Zardonians are skillful and hardworking people. Their cities are built-up and rich in resources. It is truly a planet void of crime and violence.

Zardon has built a powerful defense system. Several antiballistic missile bases have been established within the cities of Zardon. The Zardonians are ready for this attack, and are prepared to fight to save their cities.

As base commander it is your responsibility to protect and defend six cities on the planet of Zardon. The Krytolians have begun firing interplanetary ballistic missiles. They are aiming at your cities and missile bases. Your only defense is to fire back with antiballistic missiles. But watch out, the Krytolians are sly, they also have cruise missiles. Cruise missiles look like satellites, but they are just as deadly as the interplanetary ballistic missiles.

Use your antiballistic missiles (ABMs) to stop the enemy before your happy and harmonious planet is destroyed.

Missile Command has 34 game variations. Games 1 through 17 are 1-player, and games 18 through 34 are 2-player games. This game program includes game variations for young children, games 17 and 34. Gameplay is slower in the children's versions.


Model CX2638


Export releases:
[PAL] "Missile Command [Model CX2638P]"

Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles 25 points
Enemy Cruise Missiles 125 points
Unused Antiballistic Missiles 5 points
Saved Cities 100 points
WAVES 1-2 Single Scoring.
WAVES 3-4 Double Scoring.
WAVES 5-6 Triple Scoring.
WAVES 7-8 Four Times Scoring.
WAVES 9-10 Five Times Scoring.
WAVES 11 and ABOVE Six Times Scoring.

* You may fire up to three defense missiles simultaneously. After pressing the controller (fire) button, move to the next enemy site and fire again. Do not wait for the explosion before moving.

* Once a city is destroyed you no longer can defend it, so concentrate only on your missile base and saved cities. Ignore enemy fire aimed at cities already destroyed.

* Smart enemy cruise missiles are easiest to destroy if your target control is directly on them. When it is directly on them, the enemy cannot detect your ABMs.


Programmer: Rob Fulop


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