Miniature Golf [Model CX2626]

Atari 2600 cart. published 44 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Miniature Golf © 1978 Atari, Incorporated.

Your sense of timing and your perceptiveness in judging distance are about to be fine-tuned! This exciting video game simulates an actual Miniature Golf course, complete with moving obstacles.

There are nine 'holes' in which to hit the ball into the 'cup'. Each time you hit the ball it is called a 'stroke'. Although the number of strokes you take to hit the ball into the cup is unlimited, each hole has a designated 'par'. Par represents the number of strokes you are ideally supposed to take to complete the hole.


GAME 1 is for one player only. At the beginning of each hole, before the first stroke, the number for that hole is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The par for that hole is shown at the upper right corner of the screen. After the first stroke, the player's running score replaces the hole number. A 0 replaces the par until the beginning of the next hole.

GAME 2 is for two players. The left player goes first. After the first stroke by each player, the respective scores are displayed at the top of the screen until the hole is completed. These score totals replace the hole number and the par, as in GAME 1.


Model CX2626


Export releases:
PAL "Miniature Golf [Model CX2626P]"


Programmer: Tom Reuterdahl


[US] Microsoft XBOX (nov.16, 2004) "Atari Anthology [Model 26084]"
[US] Sony PS2 (nov.22, 2004) "Atari Anthology [Model SLUS-21076]"
[JP] Microsoft XBOX (aug.4, 2005) "Atari Anthology [Model B7X-00001]"
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[US] Microsoft XBOX One (nov.1, 2016) "Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1"

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