Milk Money

A 17-year-old Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.

Milk Money screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Milk Money © 2001 WMS Gaming.

Prepare to win some mooooolah! Milk Money is a hilarious video slot based on animated dairy cows trying to fill milk bottles while jammin' to the beat of Reggae Hip Hop. Featuring two comical bovines, Hefina and Bovina, this slot is sure to be a cash cow.

The Milking Bonus is triggered when three or more Cow Face symbols land on an active pay line. The player is launched into the bonus when the screen transitions through two barn doors closing and reopening. Inside the barn await the stars of the show, two milk cows with attitude bouncing to the beat. The player is prompted to select one of the dancing bovines to milk for money.

The selected cow drops behind the milking machine and waits. Six bottles are displayed off to the side and the player is prompted to choose three of the bottles for the cow to fill. The object is to fill the bottles with as much milk as possible to earn credits; so milk this one for all it’s worth!

Another bonus feature within this round occurs when any of the bottles are filled with chocolate or strawberry milk. If this happens, the player will earn two to three times their winnings. If one of the bottles is filled with eggnog, the player is allowed to pick an additional bottle to fill. With all the action of the Milking Bonus, players will be entertained until the cows come home!

The Cow Race Bonus begins when a Cow Race symbol appears on the 1st and 5th reels. The player must pick either Bovina (brown spots) or Hefina (black spots) to win the race. After the player selects their cow, two credit awards are revealed, one for a win and one for 2nd place. The player cheers on their cow as the two bovines race across the screen for a photo finish. The photo pops up to reveal the winner. If the player’s cow wins, they are awarded the 'win' pay. If the selected cow comes in second, the player is awarded the 2nd place pay. Warning, this game is udderly entertaining!


Five-reel video slot available in 9 line, 9/18/27/45/90/180 coin versions.

Five-reel video slot available in 15 line, 15/30/45/60/75/150/300 coin versions.

Five-reel video slot available in 20 line, 20/40/100/180/200/400 coin versions.

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