Microsoft Revenge of Arcade

A 20-year-old Microsoft Windows Soft. CD by Microsoft

Not emulated in MAME


Microsoft Revenge of Arcade © 1998 Microsoft.

Compilation of 5 arcade classics for PC's running Windows:
- "Rally-X" (1980)
- "Ms. Pac-Man" (1981)
- "Xevious" (1982)
- "Mappy" (1983)
- "Motos" (1985)


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Microsoft Revenge of Arcade was released on July 31, 1998 in North America specifically for PC's running Windows 95 and Windows 98, and was distributed in a CD-ROM.

"Ms. Pac-Man", as presented in this package, was later re-released in 2000 as part of "Microsoft Return of Arcade 20th Anniversary" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original "Pac-Man".

Prior to the release of this package, the arcade version of "Motos" appeared exclusively in Japan, and the only known appearance of the game in North America was on the Commodore 64. This Windows compilation marks the first known appearance of the arcade version of "Motos" in North America - and its only known appearance until it appeared as part of "Namco Museum Battle Collection" for the Sony PSP in 2005.

Each game also has its own Microsoft Help file.


1. Microsoft Arcade (1993)
2. Microsoft Return of Arcade (1996)
3. Microsoft Revenge of Arcade (1998)
4. Microsoft Return of Arcade 20th Anniversary (2000)