MIB - Men in Black - Save the World


A 13-year-old Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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Not emulated in MAME


MIB - Men in Black - Save the World © 2005 WMS Gaming.

Save the World and make big money with the latest MIB game. The eye-catching top box, fun characters and catchy game play will keep players hunting aliens well into the next millennium. Even penny players can earn galactic-sized wins!


Available in 15 Line - 75/150/300/450 coin game configurations.

Available in 20 Line - 100/200/400/600 coin game configurations.

Available in 30 Line - 150/300/600/900 coin game configurations.


Released in April 2005.


* Alien Invasion Bonus : three or more scattered Invasion symbols trigger the Alien Invasion Bonus. The player chooses 1 of 3 spaceships to receive a credit award and an extra pick, or a saucer prize. When an extra pick is awarded, the player will choose again from a new set of spaceships. When a saucer prize is awarded, the saucers above the video screen light up. The saucers turn off one by one. The value on the last saucer lit is awarded.

* Save the World Bonus : three or more scattered Globe symbols trigger the Save the World Bonus. The bonus begins by picking a city in which to look for aliens. The player is then prompted to pick 3 of 6 suspects to scan. An award is paid based on the number of aliens found. If 3 aliens were not found with the initial picks, the remaining suspects are brought to the G.O.O.P. room. The player will then choose suspects to g.o.o.p. until all 3 aliens are found, or a human is g.o.o.p.ed. A g.o.o.p.ed human ends the bonus round. If all 3 aliens are scanned or g.o.o.p.ed, the city is clear, and the player will pick another city to look for aliens. If all cities are cleared of aliens, the All Cities Clear prize is awarded and the bonus ends.

* Expanding Wild Feature : any 2 Expanding Wild symbols scattered on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 award 1 respin with the expanding wilds held! The player is paid, and then the reels respin for a second pay.

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