MIB - Men in Black - Galactic Payback


A 14-year-old Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.

MIB - Men in Black - Galactic Payback screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


MIB - Men in Black - Galactic Payback © 2004 WMS Gaming.


Available in 15 Line - 15/45/60/75/90/150/300 coin game configurations.

Available in 20 Line - 20/40/100/180/200/400 coin game configurations.

Denominations Available - $.01 / $.02 / $.05 / $.10 / $.25 / $.50 / $1 / $2 / $5 / $10 / $25 / $50/$100.


Released in September 2004.


* Frank's Undercover Bonus : the Frank's Undercover bonus launches when Frank and 2 or more Aliens appear scattered on the reels. Frank sniffs then starts barking and informs the player that he has sniffed out some aliens. Frank then asks the player to help him find the aliens. Once an alien is selected a laser site appears over the alien and the alien sheds his foolish disguise revealing an award. The award revealed could be a 'back door' to the galactic payback bonus.

* Galactic Payback Bonus : the bonus is triggered when the Galactic Payback symbol appears scattered on reels 1 and 5. The player then transitions to MIB headquarters with two agents to serve as guides. The player is prompted to pick 1 of 4 orbs. The selected orb will open to reveal an award and prompt the spaceships in the top box. The agent's spaceship can only move up while the alien's spaceship can move up or down. The objective is for the player to pick the orb that advances the agent's spaceship to the top meter for the highest win. After all movement is made in the top box the orbs on the game screen reveal missed options and then clear off the screen as four new orbs enter. The player proceeds to pick orbs for options until the picks result in the two icons meeting at a metered position. The credit value of the meter is the final award given to the player in the bonus. Other orb awards the player can obtain are Frank or raise values. The Frank icon will advance the agent's spaceship directly to the alien's spaceship position causing the alien's spaceship to retreat back to the top starting position, giving the player a better chance at the top award. The raise values will increase the award values in the top box.

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