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Metromania © 200? Casino Technology.

With intriguing visuals this 5-reel 21-line video slot leads you into a bizarre and entertaining underworld. The dark tunnels of city Metro are full of strange creatures, such as the severe Elephant-policeman and the brave mouse-bandits.

The game features low volatility and enhanced winning opportunities.


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Bonus Metro : A new bonus screen appears where the Elephant-Policeman is chasing after the metro mice-gang. The Player selects the 5 mice one by one. Each mouse hides a prize, or the Collect symbol, which ends the bonus. The total bonus win may get over 100x Total bet. If the Player collects all the 5 prizes without opening the Collect, he enters the second bonus level - Safe bonus.

Bonus Safe : A new bonus screen appears showing the bank vault with 2 safes and a mouse from the metro gang. The Player chooses a safe that should explode. One of the safes hides a 50x Total Bet prize and the other brings the Collect symbol. Either result ends the bonus.