Arcade Video Game published 37 years ago by Amusement World

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Meteors © 1981 Amusement World.

A color raster game very similar to Asteroids (Atari). This is the only known game produced by Amusement World, and is very similar to the Venture Line games Space Force and Meteoroids. It is not currently known if Amusement World licensed the design to Venture Line or vice versa, and is currently being investigated.


Horizontal color raster monitor. More information to be added soon.


In 1979, Atari made Asteroids. But, in 1981, Amusement World produced Meteors - a clone of Asteroids. This lead to Amusement World getting sued. When the case went to court, the judge sided with Amusement world. This landmark case ruled that you cannot copyright a genre of game.

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