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[CONSOLE] Atari 5200 Game

Meteorites © 1983 Electra Concepts.

Meteorites is a series of rounds in which the game player(s) tries to score as many points as possible by breaking up various size meteorites until they are completely destroyed. New rounds begin with more numerous waves of meteorites. Alien ships make attack runs on your ship during game play. These attack ships can be destroyed by your Photon Cannon or be avoided until they leave the screen or collide with the meteorites themselves.


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A very rare Asteroids clone, and the only game Electra Concepts ever created. Its working title was 'Disasteroids'.

Copyright text is hidden in the ROM at 0x27F7:


Player points total from the following hits or destroys by your photon cannon.

Large meteorites: 20 PTS.
Normal meteorites: 50 PTS.
Small meteorites.: 100 PTS.
Large alien ships: 200 PTS.
Small alien ships: 1000 PTS.


Extra ships are awarded to players every 10,000 points scored.

Game action takes place in Deep Space with almost no gravity or inertia. Even short bursts of engine thrusters are enough to move your ship across the screen. To stop the ship, it must be rotated until engines face the direction the ship is moving and a retro-fire burn must be used to slow down the ship until it is near a standstill. The existing gravity will be enough to bring it to a complete stop.

Beware of radar ghosting which can create phantom meteorites on the edges of the screen. Your photon missiles may appear to pass through these meteorites, but they will be tracked accurately once they move towards the center.

Keep your ship away from the edges where meteorites and alien ships may take you by surprise.

For accurate firing and thrusting, view the direction of the ship as the imaginary line defined by the navigation lights on the bow (front) and stern (back) of the ship.

Fire continuously while the ship is in hyperspace. This will make it easier to locate the ship when it reappears on the screen.

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