Metal Mech - Man & Machine [Model NES-J8-USA]

A 27-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by Jaleco USA, Inc.

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Metal Mech - Man & Machine © 1991 Jaleco USA, Incorporated.

Metal Mech is a side scrolling action game by Sculptured Software and published by Jaleco. In the year AD20XX, a malicious race of half-alien, half-machines, suddenly appears and attacks the Earth. The Metal Mechs, as they are called, have now successfully taken control of the human world. But a small group of scientists decides to counter attack the enemy - they manage to capture a large three-legged Metal Mech vehicle, and they plan to launch a desperate offensive to destroy the alien mothership and save humanity. The player takes control of the captured Metal Mech codenamed Metal Flame OMO III, and more precisely, its human pilot Tony Psybuste). This is what distinguishes Metal Fmech apart from other action games at the time - although the player starts inside the three-legged vehicle, he can jump out of the war machine at anytime, scout the surroundings on foot, collect items and explore areas the mech can't reach (in a way very similar to Sunsoft's excellent Meta Fight). The goal of each level is to recover the Level Key (symbolized by a red K icon) hidden somewhere around the vicinity, and to reach the exit (usually located at the right-most part of a level). Other special items are also scattered around each area and can be collected to enhance the survivability, mobility and firepower of the mech. They range from armor upgrades, radioactive fuel, life upgrades, bombs to extra weapons (the player can switch from on to the other by pressing 'Select', and they range from Rotary Gun to Missiles or Rapid Fire). Metal Mech consists of six levels.


Cartridge ID: NES-J8-USA


Metal Mech was released in March 1991 in the USA.

The game was firstly announced as "Mechanoids - Man & Machine".

Export releases:
[JP] "Metal Flame Psy Buster [Model DEC-QM]" (released before the USA version).


Developed by Sculptured Software.

Programmed by: Ken Grant
Designed by: Joe Hitchens
Artwork by: Lorin Nelson, Joe Hitchens
Soundtrack by: Paul Webb

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;