Metal Daemons

A 10-year-old Arcade Video Game by

Metal Daemons screenshot

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Metal Daemons © 2008

The Demons, fierce slave beasts of the masterful Luxifer, continue to threaten humanity... and they will stop at nothing short of the complete destruction or enslavement of our species.

The Corporation of Exorcists, evolved through the Ages and harnessing avant-garde technologies, has armed itself with a new weapon : Sacer Lamina.

This 'Sacred Armor' could be our last resort in the struggle against evil.
After numerous battles the Demons suffered great losses and admitted defeat retreating to the Abyss of Darkness.

But Luxifer, the proudest and most powerful of the Demons would not rest until his vengeance be fulfilled. Centuries past as Luxifer devised his greatest plan for the demise of the Corporation of Exorcists.

Now, rising from the ashes of war, Luxifer, commander of the Army of Geddon, is back for one final chapter.

Metal Daemons is the chronicles of the epic struggles of the Corporation of Exorcists fighting the greatest war the world has ever seen.
Our fate rests in their hands... and YOURS!


PlayON platform (PC based)

Main CPU : AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Memory : 2GB System RAM
Graphics : nVidia GeForce 7300GT accelerated video hardware with 512MB DDR Video RAM
Audio : 5.1 Audio System


This game is still on development.

The PlayON platform is based on an open source development system known as the ELF Integrated Scripting System developed by 'Emthesis Development' and 'GennaGroup s.r.l.'.