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List of songs playables on this page:

01 red & yellow (attract mode) - intro.vgz02 red & yellow (attract mode).vgz03 credit.vgz04 take off (opening).vgz05 born to be free (round 1 -down to earth-).vgz06 visitor (boss a -apartheid-).vgz07 dancing horming (bonus a -override-).vgz08 dancing horming -no intro-.vgz09 dual moon (round 2 -cry for the moon-).vgz10 yueez (boss b -feeder-).vgz11 memory (clear -round 2-).vgz12 area 26-10 (round 3 -dream land-).vgz13 dio panic! (boss c -daio & gishiin-).vgz14 non-fiction (bonus b -black out-).vgz15 waste days (round 4 -crystal lize-).vgz16 the gate of guardian (boss d -amazo-).vgz17 doubt (round 5 -nemesis crisis-).vgz18 phantasm (boss e -ghost-).vgz19 game is over (bad end).vgz20 time (round 6 -a mirage of mind gaia-).vgz21 a mirage of mind - part 1 (ending).vgz22 a mirage of mind - part 2 (credits roll).vgz23 into the h.i. (name entry 1).vgz24 into the h.i. -all clear- (name entry 2).vgz