Merlin's Apprentice [Model 810 0192]

A 23-year-old Phillips CD-i Game by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Merlin's Apprentice © 1995 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Leap into a magical fully animated world of medieval sorcery, where you must solve puzzles at every turn - mastering secret codes, capturing elusive enchantments, conjuring spells and matching wits with demons in your quest to find Merlin and win his trust. Thirty mind-boggling puzzles await you, with eight types of tricky sorcerer's challenges, three daring levels of difficulty and countless variations. Solve a puzzle and the tale builds with dazzling animation, plunging you deeper into Merlin's marvelous world. Your quest is about to begin. Be brave. Be shrewd. Be worthy.


Model 810 0192


Directed and Produced by: Cliff Johnson
Associate Producer and Technical Director: Gordon Brooks
Assistant Producer: Paul Mithra
Executive Producer: Sarina Simon
Software Engineers: Kelly Holthaus, Chris Mihaly, Sylvana Nomicos
Voices: Cam Clarke
Background and Game Art: Doran Fish
Additional Art: Brad Parker
Additional Background Layout: Jen Kamerman
Character Animation Director: Gordon Brooks
Character Animation: Susan Zytka, Brad Forbush
Key Animation Assistant: Karen Hardenberg
Animation Breakdown & Inbetween: Diana Coco
Special Animation Sequences: Brian Allgeier
Effects Animation Supervisor: Wendell Riggins
Effects Animation: Adam Van Wyk, Wendell Riggins, Brian Allgeier
Ink & Paint Supervisor: Dave Liebovitz
Ink & Paint: Marvie Fish, Ross Worthley, Dave Liebovitz, Mark Borok, Arantxa Rodriguez, Steve Ratter
Music: Jim Andron
Audio Producer: Gordon Brooks
Post-Production: Cari Fair
Production Assistant: Stuart Courtney
Hypercard Wizard: Theron Trowbridge
Sound Engineering: Howard Soroka
BOLT Engineering Support: David Todd, Ken Jordon
Written by: Cliff Johnson, Gordon Brooks
Game Design: Cliff Johnson, Gordon Brooks, Doran Fish
Special Thanks to: Dave McElhatten, Dennis Kopp

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