Arcade Video game published 34 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Megablast screenshot

Megablast © 1989 Taito Corp.

At the end of the 21st century, war and hunger disappear on the earth, and humankind go on very well. On such occasion, it occurred to humankind that mysterious disappearances of women rise in waves in many places in the world. The cause is found by the investigation of a secretly organized 'Defending-the-earth-from-the-outside-organization'. That is, a strange contagious disease prevails throughout a planet 'Zancs' in a dark nebula, and women's generative power is lost, then, women on the earth were abducted as substitutes for having their descendants. Downson and Bogey, the choice out of the 'Defending-the-earth-from-the-outside-organization'. start on a journey to the space by using 'Megablast' which is a space fighter equipped with all available products of the earth's scientific power in order to rescue the earth women as well as lovable 'Sindy' who is also abducted together with the other earth women.


Runs on the "Taito F2 System" hardware.

Prom Stickers: C11

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 1


Megablast was released in November 1989.

As "Master of Weapon", Megablast was very unpopular. The main reason is the game was worse than other shoot'em ups of this period. So, most boards were withdraw.

According to a former taito developer, this game was supposed to be a four-way button game. Prototypes versions exist. Also, the ending would originally be a battle between players, but they were not able to completed this function.

Only one soundtrack include the game's sounds (composed by Zuntata): "Taito Retro collection 5" (KDSD-00553,00554) on May 30, 2012.


Sound composer: Yasuhisa Watanabe


japan Sony PS2 (mar.29, 2007) "Taito Memories II Gekan [Model SLPM-66713]"


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