Mazinger Z [Model SHVC-JZ]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 25 years ago by Bandai

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?????Z © 1993 Bandai

(Mazinger Z)

Mazinger Z is an action game based on the most influential Japanese animation series aired in the seventies featuring classic and colorful giant robots. Dr. Hell has decided to take over the world and his army of robots brings terror and destruction everywhere they go. The player takes controls of Mazinger Z, a powerful humanoid super-robot created by Dr. Kabuto and piloted by the young Koji. The game starts in a devastated city where the player quickly encounters the first legions of Dr Hell's giant robots. Mazinger Z has special weapons and abilities - like in the television series, he can use his fists to punch his opponents, but he can also use special attacks such as missiles, Eye-Photon Beams or the red wave-laser that he shoots from his chest. He can also launch his fists for long range attacks. But do not worry, they are well designed and automatically come back into place for future punch attacks. Enemies can also be grabbed and thrown away, or Mazinger Z can trigger special combo-attacks if he keeps punching them quick enough. The game features six levels and short animated cutscenes are played between each one of them as the story unfolds. Each stage is split in small areas where all enemies need to be destroyed before Mazinger can carry on his journey to the level's boss.


Cartridge ID: SHVC-JZ


Released on June 25, 1993 in Japan for 8800 Yen.
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