Mausuke no Ojama the World

The Sega ST-V Cart. by Data East Corp.

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[ARCADE] Sega ST-V Cart.

まうすけのオジャマ ざ わーるど © 1996 Data East.

(Mausuke no Ojama the World)


Runs on the "ST-V [Sega Titan Video Game System]" hardware.

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 6


Released in March 1996.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Mausuke's Annoy the World'.

This game is known outside Japan as "Kiss Off".

Mausuke is the name of the main character. It's a play on the word 'mausu' which is their pronunciation of 'mouth' and the main character has a giant mouth and the play pieces are mouths.

Default highscore table :
1 TSU 3'20''0 100
2 PAR 2'40''0 80
3 TOK 2'00''0 60
4 OSD 1'20''0 40
5 KNI 0'40''0 20


Planned by : Tokumaru Hisato
Graphic directed by : Tokumaru Hisato
Graphic designed by : Tokumaru Hisato, Osada Erika
Programmed by : Kazano Kahoru, Kume Toshiharu
Sound directed by : Satoh Taihey
All BGM wirtten by : Satoh Taihey
Directed by : Tsuchiya Junichi
Executive producer : Kanari Minoru

Voice Actors :
Mausuke, Amereon, Heavy Q, Kuin Queen : Malta Mari
Washitaka, Wani Da Buru : Takagi Wataru
Tube Rin, Huraibo, Bucyu Buru : Nagasako Takashi

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