Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

A 20-year-old Sega Saturn Game by Capcom

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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter © 1998 Capcom Company, Limited.

Are you ready true believers?!

Capcom and Marvel have joined forces once again to bring you...'s MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER!!

Survive! Uncanny adventure! Don't miss out on the enjoyment of a lifetime! Feel sensational thrills! Don't miss the most amazing tag team fighting game ever! Are you ready for a new challenger?! Now, come join:



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Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter makes use of the Sega's 4MB RAM expansion cartridge to enable all frames of animation and the variable battles. It was only released in Japan in October 22, 1998.


Clear Arcade Mode once on any difficulty, and on any number of continues, to enable the VS Power Gage option (infinite life gauge), eight stars for Game Speed, and enable the ability to select the same character twice in a team. HP and HK will also feature new costume colors for characters. These Bonus options do not work in Survival Mode.

Clear Arcade Mode again on the highest (eight stars) difficulty setting on any number of continues to enable the Combo Gage option (infinite Hyper Combo Gauge).

If you clear Arcade Mode on the highest difficulty setting without continuing instead, you will unlock all of the options above.

To play as a secret character, highlight the character listed to the left, hold Start, and press any Punch or Kick button:

Spider-Man = Armored Spider-Man
Hulk = Dark Sakura
Blackheart = Mech Zangief
Omega Red = Mephisto
Dhalsim = Shadow
Vega = U.S. Agent

To face off against a team of Mech Zangief and Vega, don't continue, do not lose any of your characters in a match, earn 2 Variable Combination finishes, and get Hyper Combo finishes on all the other stages.

To pit yourself against the team of Dark Sakura and Gouki, do the same listed above but get 4 Variable Combination finishes instead of 2.

To challenge the team of Shadow and Vega, do the same requirements for facing Dark Sakura and Gouki, but you must also earn the "First Attack" message on each round in addition to switching characters between stages by holding all three Punch buttons simultaneously.

Clear Survival Mode once. Then highlight Survival Mode, press L and R once simultaneously, and it becomes "Mech-Gouki Now!!", which allows you to face Mech-Gouki whenever you want and even see your character's ending if you win. If you defeat Mech-Gouki in this mode, you can play as him. You need to beat the game once, however, to enable same character select.

Clear Mech-Gouki Now!!, then select either Arcade or Versus Mode. Highlight Gouki, hold Start, and then press any button. Then, for your second choice, repeat, and you get Mech-Gouki, who fights alone.

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