Mars Lander Battle Stage

A 16-year-old Arcade Video Game by F2 System

Mars Lander Battle Stage screenshot

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Mars Lander Battle Stage © 2002 F2 System.

A space story based new coin-op arcade type AWP the "Mars Lander" offers the successful gamers prizes commensurate to the playing difficulty level of Martian rescue operation took place at a far-off planet amid danger of shooting meteorites.

The player repeats trip of his spacecraft from the base ship to the planet back and forth to save specific number of Martians set by the difficulty levels, picking a Martian at a time, brought back to the base within the given time frame. The game is good for playing by one or 2 to 3 players playing simultaneously.

Upon the start of the game, the base ship shows up on screen hasting the launch of landing craft within a 10 countdown. In case, the player fails to launch within the counts, the landing craft leaves the base automatically at the finish of 10 counts.


Players : 3
Buttons : 3
[A] While in motion: Thrusts the landing craft upward. While landed on: Enables emergency take-off,
[B] While in motion: Shifts the craft to right side. While landed on: Skips to other landing spot,
[C] While in motion: Shifts the craft to right side. While landed on: Skips to other landing spot.


Released in June 2002.


* Picking up Martians: The player should guide his craft to land safely and then pick up Martians approaching to the craft.
The craft will pick up only one Martian at any one landing site that she will have to keep skipping to another spots in order to pick up another Martian.

* Tips for the grounded craft: Since the scene of grounded craft scrolls aside, the player should hurry to jump out of its landing spot before the craft collide the screen frame or else she will burst up at collision to finish the game.
At all times, he should avoid meteorites shooting from the right hand by skillful maneuver so as not to be hit. Button A enables emergency takeoff. His judgment on hanging around to pick up more Martians or hauling the Martians already on board back to mother ship will be a risk.
Some of the landing spots provide energy supply, a vital element in space trip. The longer the craft stay on such spots, the stronger it will be energized.

* Avoid passing over: On return trip amid the stream of shooting meteorites, again the player will have to be cautious for safe homing without passing beyond to crash.
The player earns win point by the number of Martians brought to mother ship.

* Retrial for more win points:The successful winner will be awarded of a prize corresponding to his win points. In case the point was insufficient for any prize, he may retry the game in the same rule he followed.

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