Marko's Magic Football [Model T-88078-50]

A 25-year-old Sega Game Gear Game by Domark Group


Emulated in MAME !

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Marko's Magic Football © 1993 Domark Group, Limited.


[Model T-88078-50]


* Level Passwords: Enter these passwords to start from the specified level

WINERACK - Level 2 (The Cellars)
PIPELINE - Level 4 (The Sewers)
DUCKPOND - Level 6 (The Park)
JACKNBOX - Level 8 (The Toy Factory)


Programmer (Design, Game Engine, Character Code, Enemy Code, Presentation System) : Steve Pearce (DJ 'Evil')
DPaint Whizkid (Design, Sprites, Backgrounds, Presentation) : Rev. Mickey Adams
Art Supremo, Bomber Champ (Design, Sprites, Backgrounds, Maps) : Rt. Hon. Jason Left. S. Cunningham
Programmer (Design, Support Programming, Maps) : W.P.C. Warren Mills
The One and Only Animator (Main Character Animations, Music Score) : Sgt. Jolyon Myers
Artist (Enemy Sprites) : Matt Hicks MBE
Producer (Aiding and Abetting) : Sir Darren Anderson KBE
Prince of Palettes (Marko Character Design, Backgrounds) : HRH. Tony West
Programmer (Support Programming) : Prof. Chris West
Programmer (Support Programming, Mapper) : Paul Margrave Q.C.
Trance Guru (Music and Sound FX) : Dr. Mike Ash. PhD
Programmer (Support Programming) : Col. Andy Taylor
Bright Ideas (Original Conceptual Design) : Duke Jason Orbaum (Nether Realms)
The Wednesday Club : Adam Kitcat, Juliet Hill

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