Mario Bros. [Model CX5247]

A 35-year-old Atari 5200 Game by Atari, Inc.

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Mario Bros. © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

Mario the carpenter and his brother Luigi are hopping mad! The water pipes in their house are blocked with crawling creatures. If the two brothers can't get rid of them, they'll never take a bath again!

Your task is to help Mario and Luigi knock the pipe pests off the floors and into a puddle of water below. Each time a pest is knocked off, you earn points; when all the pests are knocked off, the next round begins. You start the game with six lives, and earn one additional life at 20,000 points.


Model CX5247


Flipping a pest: 10
Kicking a pest off the floor: 800
Hitting Slipice: 500
Hitting an Orange Fireball: 1000
Hitting a Gold Fireball: 200
Bonus Coin: 800
Collecting all Bonus Coins (1st phase): 5000
Collecting all Bonus Coins (2nd phase+): 8000


* Use your POW switch when there's one more than one pest on the screen.

* Watch out for the last pest on the screen--it will speed up and be much harder to punch.

* Try to hit a Sidestepper two times as quickly as possible. If you're fast, you can flip it over before it scurries off to a different level.

* Learn the fastest route to pick up coins during a coin phase.


Programmer: Bob Merrell

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