Marchen Veil [Model SSD-MVL]

A 31-year-old Nintendo Famicom Disk. by SUNSOFT

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???????? © 1987 Sunsoft

(Marchen Veil)

Marchen veil is an adventure/action game by Sunsoft and System Sacom. A long time ago, people from Ferikusu could communicate with the gods and divine spirits. The king of the kingdom is now looking for a young man to marry his daughter, the royal princess. Many contendants are selected and a tournament is organized to decide of the new prince. However, before the end or the ceremony, an evil magician sends the last hero, the one the princess has fallen in love with, to an unknown and desolated world. He also quickly realizes that he fell under a terrible curse, and he has been turned into a weird creature. The only item he has left is a magic bracelet the princess gave him. The player takes control of the lost prince and his journey will take him back to where he came from, confront the evil magician and marry the princess he loves. Each stage starts with a short animation (called a "visual stage") which unfolds the story as the game progresses. The rest of the game follows a classic top-view action formula, where the hero defeats all kind of enemies with the help of his magic powers. Sometimes, special items can be found under tree logs or rocks.




Märchen Veil was released on March 03, 1987 in Japan for 3200 Yen.

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