Marauder [Model 7-005]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Tigervision

Marauder [Model 7-005] screenshot

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Marauder © 1982 Tigervision [Tiger Electronic Toys, Incorporated.]

You've landed on an alien planet and penetrated the enemy base defended by armed attack robots. Your mission is to find your way to the heart of the base and to destroy the power center of the enemy's weapon system. Robots pursue you through halls and corridors, from room to room, as their sensors detect your presence. They fire at you from all corners. It's a race against time to find the power center as you shoot back, defending yourself against the onslaught.


Model 7-005


The score is displayed at the upper left side of the TV screen, killing each robot adds 50 points to your score. The bonus guage starts at 3200 points and ocunts down at 20 points per TICK. When you destroy the power center, the number of points remaining in the bonus guage will be added to your score. At the end of each game, the score for that game is displayed alternately with the highest score achieved during any previous game.


Programmer: Rorke Weigandt


Game's ROM.