Manhattan [Model DT-103]

DECO cass. published 40 years ago by Data East

Manhattan [Model DT-103] screenshot

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Manhattan © 1981 Data East Corp.

This game is a trampoline jumping game in the concrete jungle of Manhattan.

The player uses a trampoline to send The DECO Kid (player character) flying through the air & must guide him safely onto the landing bars while avoiding balloons & obstructions. It seems like landing on different bars awards different points to the player, or maybe landing at certain spots of the bars like the edges gives the player one amount of points while landing at the center gives another amount.

The player's soaring & descending speed is displayed at the center of the upper part of the screen. The maximum speed is 49, and if this speed is reached, The DECO Kid lands on the roof of the building. If the speed is below 8, The DECO Kid will not bounce (the flyer states terminal here, so either he will fall back to the previous terminal or a life will be lost). Once the DECO Kid moves on to the next terminal, all the points from bouncing on the landing bars will be tallied up. There are also hammocks that can be landed on at any speed.

When the player lands the DECO Kid on the roof of the skyscraper on the right, 3 reels of figures appear (similar to a jackpot machine). By pressing the launch button, the player can try to stop them from revolving at the highest possible number present, and this amount is added to the player's score.

If the player can land on all the bars with the D-E-C-O letters, then 50 more points are awarded for each landing bar. Extra lives occur at 3000, 5000, and 7000 points. As usual, the best way to make the DECO Kid fly high is by launching him when the trampoline is fully depressed.


Runs on the "DECO Cassette System" hardware

Cartridge ID: Model DT-103


Manhattan was released in January 1981. It was known as the third video game made for this system (Cassette No. 03).


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