Magician Lord [Model NGH-005]

SNK Neo-Geo AES Cart. published 28 years ago by Alpha Denshi

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Magician Lord © 1991 Alpha Denshi Company, Limited.

AES release. For more information about the game itself, please see the MVS version entry: "Magician Lord [Model NGM-005]"
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Cartridge ID: NGH-005
Cartridge Size: 46 Mega


Magician Lord AES was released on April 26, 1990 in Japan. A second version was released on July 01, 1991. This second version was harder (based on the MVS version).

[FR] September 1990 - Joystick: 96/100
[FR] July-August 1991 - Consoles + HS N.2: 93/100
[US] January 1992 - GamePro: 25/25
[US] April 1993 - GameFan: 377/400
[JP] April 1995 - Famitsu: 18/40

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