Magical Tetris Challenge

This Aleck64 cart. is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 info: mtetrisc
Information last updated on January 02, 2021.
Set's name: "mtetrisc" / romof="aleck64"
MAME's description: Magical Tetris Challenge (981009 Japan)

ROM name="pifdata.bin" no differences from the parent set.
ROM name="nus-zcaj.u4" size="16777216" crc="c9de64db" sha1="59932c70b43ff8e9264c670f37b3abbe939b7f95" region="user2"
ROM name="tet-01m.u5" size="1048576" crc="f78f859b" sha1="b07c85e0453869fe43792f42081f64a5327e58e6" region="user3"
ROM name="at24c01.u34" size="128" crc="ba7e503f" sha1="454aa4fdde7d8694d1affaf25cd750fa678686bb" region="user4"
ROM name="normpnt.rom" no differences from the parent set.
ROM name="normslp.rom" no differences from the parent set.

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