Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibouken [Model G-4041]

A 28-year-old Sega Mega Drive Game by SEGA Enterprises

Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibouken [Model G-4041] screenshot

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まじかるハットのぶっとびターボ! 大冒険 © 1990 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

(Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibouken)


Game ID: G-4041
Cartridge ID: 670-1092
Package ID: 670-1093
Barcode: 4 974365 540418


Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibouken for Mega Drive was released on December 15, 1990 in Japan.

The title translates from Japanese as "Magical Hat Flying Turbo Adventure".

This game is known outside Japan as DecapAttack. Here are some known export releases :
[US] "DecapAttack [Model 670-1620]"
[EU] "DecapAttack [Model 670-1620-50]"
[KO] "DecapAttack [Model GM4043JG]" by Samsung Software
[BR] "DecapAttack" by Tec Toy


Producer: Sugea The Monster
Programmer: Doctor Suzuki, K. Iwa, Nabe‑chan
Character Designer: Dark Side Toshi, Porten
Map Designer: Paul Weller
Sound Composer: Toshiko Tasaki (Anzaki Waraco)

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