A 23-year-old Arcade Video Game by GreyStone Technology

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MagBall © 1995 GreyStone Technology.

A wave of sound envelopes the arena and the crowd roars in anticipation of the action. Above the din, a buzzer announces the start and the MagBall bursts into the arena. All four players explode into action! A Blaster veteran reaches the MagBall first, but just barely. As the activated magnetic attraction field glows green, the yellow MagPod grabs the ball and accelerates toward the goal. You and your Viking teammate race to the yellow goal to defend. You charge the Blaster, slamming your opponent into the wall. A quick pivot and your pod blocks the shot.

Still reeling from the impact, you activate your MagField, attracting the MagBall and preventing the goal! Pivoting again, you see your Viking teammate and as you activate your repulsion field the MagBall is propelled to within your partners grasp. The crowd goes wild as the Viking pod veers toward victory. You follow in close pursuit, ready to block any Blaster from interfering.

While jockeying for a shot, your partner holds the attract button too long and the hum of the MagField fades! With a punch of the field reverser the other Viking fires the ball to you. It's up to you now. You accelerate towards the blue goal, take aim and shoot. You SCORE!!! The crowd screams their approval.
Between the opposing goals, the teams pass and steal the MagBall as they battle to score. The crowd noise lulls and the surges in the virtual MagBall arena as the next MagBall is launched into play and the very real competition begins again.


MagBall the Arcade Video Game
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Andromeda hardware

Type of Interface: POD based -Window on the world-
Physical Posture: Sit-down
Motion of the platform: None
Controls: Dual joystick
Computer platform: Pentium processor with Division pixel-plane board
Type of display: Direct view (currently)
Tracking: N/A
Size of the unit: 4ft10inx4ftx9ft2in
Unit Description:
The reconfigurable Andromeda VR Platform is a multi-purpose vehicle that offers exceptional flexibility for virtual reality applications. The controls are interchangeable, with new control options available as additional titles are added. Andromeda comes configured as either an HMD system or with a high-res monitor. The system links to other Andromeda pods for multi-player VR. Each pod is adjustable and ergonomic and includes fully immersive digital sound effects with volume control as well as state-of-the-art VR graphics. A spectator or camera view is provided for observers not actually in the pod.

Graphical information:
- Texture mapping capability: division pixel-plane board
- Number of polygon per second: 300.000 p/s

- Type of sound: stereo
- Music background: interactive

Network Information:
Max. Number of units networked locally: 6 + spectator view
Max. Number of units networked remotely: None

This game was also released on the Mercury hardware in 1994.

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