Luna Park

A 7-year-old Slot Machine by Arena Giochi srl

Not emulated in MAME


Luna Park © 2011 Arena Giochi srl.


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Developed by AED [Arena Embedded Division].

Available on the following cabinets from the developer:
"MAA027/C" (Arena Giochi srl)
"MAA027/D" (Arena Giochi srl)
"MAA027/H" (Arena Giochi srl)

Also available on the following cabinets from the following manufacturers:
"Metal" (Bacchilega Video Games srl))
"Eco" (Bacchilega Video Games srl)
"Atlantic 17in." (Palese Group)
"Atlantic Classic 19in. Double" (Palese Group)
"Chamaleon" (Gieffe srl)
"Lucky Slot" (Romagna Giochi srl)
"Model Line" (Marim srl)
"Model Marim" (Marim srl)
"MAEL 501" (Italgiochi 2001 srl)